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Why Digital Marketing?

Digital Tool To Spread & Drive Leads For Your Startup Or Business

No wonders that you live in a digital world and from such perspective, it is necessary that your industry has an effective occupancy in the digital space. In reality, digital marketing is the prospect of marketing in the system with the continued advantages that it is affordable than traditional marketing and measures.

Let’s list the distinct ways you can use the digital tool to spread and drive leads for your startup or business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In layman’s phrases, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is actually twitching your website so that it grows up naturally or organically for search returns in Google, Yahoo Search or Bing, etc

Google renews its algorithms frequently so that entirely the appropriate results reach up. From that aspect, many specialists say that SEO is dead and the struggle is useless. However, the fact is that Google decides to prevent algorithm manipulation and refine sites that don’t earn to be on the top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

So, wondering why should you invest in SEO?

Your website should greet the technicalities associated with content and query parallel, be spider, indexing, and render non-text content. Retrieve, it is the most cost-effective marketing tactics that will begin organic traffic to your website.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the complete maneuvering to drive transactions to your business, fundamentally by paid efforts. Therefore it is also described as Paid Search Marketing. The nature of SEM is assorted and complex meant on your business arrangement, you may prefer PPC (pay-per-click) or CPC (cost-per-click) model, or CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) model. There are various stands for SEM. By far, Google AdWords (on Google Network) & Bing Ads (on Yahoo Bing Network) are leading in the current market.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) further involves Display Advertising, Search Retargeting & Site Remarketing, Paid Social Advertising & Mobile Marketing. You shall prefer a single-point approach like PPC, or go for a perfect SEM strategy, including Display and Retargeting. But everything you do, make sure your job is handled by specialists as wrong planning may make your losses go haywire.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing or SMM is a branch for your SEM works. It includes sending traffic to your sites or marketing through social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

As we mentioned earlier, fresh content is liked & shared. So formulate and customize content for all social media platforms. Learn to be productive and original, you need to engage users on a regular basis, at least 4-5 times a day. Your SMM works can be remarkably helpful for branding and managing sales.

Content Writing / Marketing

Investigation shows that content conception is a reliable method of marketing in 2014. All modern modifications to Google’s algorithm – be it Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird – subject to the truth that content is the extremely important metric during filtering search outcomes. Content can be exhibited in many formats, including blogs, white papers, ebooks, case studies, question and answer articles, forums, news or updates, images, banners, press release, info graphics, webinars, videos, or content for micro blogging and social media sites.

You can be imaginative and generate content on any topic and then skillfully associate it indirectly to your business. You shall like to read some article on how to include content and market your startup or business free of cost. Also, you require customizing your content for various platforms. For case, the content for mobile phones should be brief and short. Remember, an active strategy will involve your readers and transmit there engaged in more data from you. Great content is distributed and is the genuine way for marking your business.

Digital Display Advertising

This again is a branch for your SEM efforts. You may use any category of display advertising formats to target potential audience respectively – be it text, image, banner, rich media, interactive or YouTube. You may customize your information based on titles, content topics, or the opinion of the customer in the buying products. But, note that Digital Display Advertising is comparatively expensive. You need specialists to manage good ROI for your business.

Retargeting and Remarketing

Basically, Retargeting or Remarketing is tactics to point consumers who have previously engaged with your website. It is meant on the cookies on your system. Retargeting has happened as a chosen strategy as you target consumers who have previously confirmed interest in your business, and hence the growth rate is high. You may interest in Retargeting on your website, or on the social media network or on the Smartphone’s. Visualize your tactics based on the buyer's’ purchasing cycle.

Mobile Marketing

Reports say Mobile Marketing will be meriting $400 billion by 2015 in the US alone. We completely advise you try Targeted Mobile Marketing for the website, apps and content should be customized for smart devices. By 2016, portable devices are assumed to strike 2.6 billion units worldwide. Hence more people use smartphones, tablets, & other portable devices, the inherent of the mobile business continues to grow.

Interactive Marketing

Assured your advertisement approach engages the possible consumer in a conversation. According to a study by, 55% respondents favored becoming open-ended communications with the organizations they buy from and 89% considered more loyal to the organizations if they were requested to provide feedback. Use tools like widgets, plugins and opt-in features to deliver your website interactive, request feedback and trail user behavior. Interlace with the consumers actively and customize suggestions sordid on their choices and browsing activities.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is an approach where an unusual content reaches exponentially online because the content is apprehended, distributed and liked immensely. This is an exceptional way to brand and push traffic to your website. The content may take any format to all your needs is to be productive.

Email Marketing

Targeting commercial message by email to a list of potential consumers, the approach is called Email Marketing. With an efficient email marketing tool, you can manage email records that are filtered based on various factors, including consumers’ likes and hates, and be spending customs. Remember to convey personalized emails which help to generate trust. However, Email Marketing may also be acknowledged as spamming and also there are regulations against it in some parts of the world.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based marketing approach, where you reward publishers who bring buyers to your website. The execution may be based on conversions – advertisements, leads or simply sales. You may prefer to a section of the affiliate programs for various publishers. Basically, the publishers will provide an area in their web pages to promote your products and further you may drive conversions and you will return them based on the commission basis.

You shall avail the help from an Affiliate Network that will provide you a broad base of publishers, and other advantages like tracking and reporting. Affiliate Marketing is primarily beneficial for startups, as it will draw extra traffic to their business by high-traffic sites. In essence, Affiliate Marketing is a win-win state for both the retailers and administrators. Sites like Amazon, eBay, LinkShare and Flipkart run Affiliate Plans. In fact, largest online businesses with considerable traffic possess their own affiliate programs.

Web Analytics

Perhaps, the generous critical features of your Digital Marketing are Web Analytics. Typically, Web Analytics assists you to collect, measure, understand, analyze, plan, report and foretell the web pursuits for your business. Web Analytics should not be mixed with Web Statistics. As opposed to naive reporting, Web Analytics gives you analyzed and diverse viewpoints to think vis-à-vis your business. Remarkable Web Analytics machines are Google Analytics, Spring Metrics, Mint, and Chartbeat. Every advertiser should practice Web Analytics to know his business and increase the ROI and conversions.